The Eyes Have It

by Corrine Fierkens “Pretend you have a heavy earring in your left ear”, the instructor said. The make-believe earring worked well and good to Straighten my head out…. Until, that is, a minute later when I had to start thinking about the imaginary beach ball I was holding, and then the little birdies in my hands, and then the bucket of water […] Read more »

“Stand your Ground”

“Stand your Ground” by Corrine Fierkens www.SHETOUCHESHORSES.COM  The new-comer 9 year old grulla mustang outweighed the 23 year old red roan by about 150 pounds. The sound of his flying hooves, when it reached my ears, did not synchronize with the moment I saw them pound the ground as he barreled, full throttle and head […] Read more »