A Western Dressage Clinic With Julie Goodnight

by Pat Van Buskirk What a treat – Julie Goodnight teaching Western Dressage on a cool Spring day at Latigo Trails Heritage Center in Elbert. Latigo’s wonderful facilities are A-1 – indoor and outdoor arena, indoor restrooms, a full service restaurant and even a bar. Julie Goodnight is best known for her award-winning television show […] Read more »

The Wonderful World of Western Dressage

The Wonderful World of Western Dressage An Interview With Jec A. Ballou By Pat Van Buskirk Do you know the niftiest thing about Western Dressage? The wonderful people you get to meet and work with! I recently had the chance to chat with Jec A. Ballou, author of 101 Dressage Exercises for the Horse and […] Read more »

WDACO at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo 2013

By Pat Van Buskirk The Rocky Mountain Horse Expo at the National Western Complex in Denver is one of THE equine events of the year. This year, on March 8-10, WDACO made our presence known to horse enthusiasts from Colorado and beyond. Mary Gunn, president of WDACO, along with Nancy Miller, VP & Clinic Coordinator, […] Read more »

Frances Carbonnel Horseless Clinic 2013

A Western Dressage Horseless Clinic? By Pat Van Buskirk 1/28/13 On a cold winter weekend in Colorado, in a warm, cozy building complete with kitchen and indoor plumbing, the Western Dressage Association&reg of Colorado held a “horseless” clinic. What on earth do you do at a horseless clinic? Nancy Miller, Vice President and Clinic Coordinator […] Read more »

Western Dressage “What Fun”

Western Dressage – What Fun! By Pat Van Buskirk Years ago, I had the pleasure of taking Dressage lessons on my friend’s Trakehner stallion. He was magnificently trained and a thrill to ride. I actually bought a pair of breeches and English riding boots, then let this horse teach me what he already knew. It […] Read more »

Mustangs CAN Compete in Dressage

Have you ever heard of Jail Bird Andrew?  J.B. Andrew was the first mustang to reach FEI level in dressage, ultimately competing at Intermediare II.  Although J.B. Andrew (Andy) died last year, his fame lives on.  He even has his own Breyer Horse!  On June 9, a tribute to Andy will be held following the […] Read more »

What is Western Dressage?

 Reprinted with permission from Jec Ballou At its core, Western Dressage is no different from Classical Dressage. Many Western horsemen agree that the goals and methods for training a Western horse are the same as those used over centuries among Classical Dressage enthusiasts. The relatively new discipline of Western Dressage bridges the alleged separation that […] Read more »

The Colorado Affiliate

  The Past In March of 2010, the Western Dressage Association™ of Colorado was started by a few dedicated ladies that wanted to be better partners with their horses and learn Western Dressage.  With the help and support of  the National organization, the first recognized affiliate of the Western Dressage Association™ was formed. 2010 was a […] Read more »