WDACO Events

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If you have a questions regarding an event, please email us at clinics@wdaco.org.  Please do not call the barns as the facilities are rented and they do not have any infomation regarding the events.

If I bring a guest, do they have to pay an auditor fee?

Our insurance requires a transaction in order to be in effect. Therefore, these are our guest policies:

If the riding participant is under 18, they must have an adult over 21 accompany them and the adult does not have to pay the auditor fee.

If the riding participant is over 18, they may designate one person to serve as their helper, at no charge, during the clinic. Helpers must be designated on the enrollment form for insurance purposes. If the helper changes, participants must send an email to clinics@wdaco.org, so that we may change the information on our insurance forms. All other guests accompanying participants, other than members, must pay the auditor fee, or if desired, complete a form and pay for a membership prior to the clinic.  Members may attend WDACO clinics (non-riders), excluding Horseless Clinics & Special Events, for free.

2016 WDACO Schedule

 A Comprehensive Western Dressage Experience that enhances the partnership between horse and rider.  Regardless of whether your goal is to show or become a better partner with your horse, these events will advance you toward your goals.

  • WDACO Banquet
    March 3, 2018
    11:30 am - 2:00 pm

Join your WDACO friends as we “Celebrate the Journey of 2017” We groomed and rode with focus, and all for the fun of it! We played with our best horsey pals, and made some new ones.  We pulled off our boots and patted (more…)