Experiencing Synergy w/ your Horse using Music & Obstacles – 2 day progressive clinic

Experiencing Synergy w/ your Horse using Music & Obstacles

Two Day Progressive Clinic

Saturday August 19, 2017 – Sunday August 20, 2017

Douglas County Fairgrounds

500 Fairgrounds Road

Castle Rock, CO 80104



Frances Carbonnel & Juilie Lorton


Riding to Music, learning tempo, forward bend; Obstacles including Garrocha poles, lariat ropes and gates.

Come for a weekend of great learning and fun.

Session One – 9:00 am – 11:00 am – Participants must be able to Walk, Trot and Canter in a Group

Music incorporated with movements building understanding of Tempo

Tempo will assist the horse on the trail or in the arena

Lateral Movements – building relaxation throughout the horse

Shoulder In/Haunches In

Moving the hindquarters to build the half pass

Building these movements to start the half pass

Across the diagonal

Group exercises using the obstacles to understand bend, roundness

Can you open gates?

Session Two – 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm – Participants must be able to Walk, Trot and Getting Ready to Canter in a Group

Think you are ready to canter, but unsure? Come and we will give you exercises to get

confidence to canter safely and calmly

Music to build Tempo, ride a trot slow and fast, match the music

Is your lengthening stride just speed? Let’s learn to stretch the stride

Lengthen the stride – feel the stride length in hindquarters and engage

Leg Yield – learning to control the ribcage of the horse, what this does for you

Shoulder In, Haunches In

Use a rope to build a bend…….add confidence to open a gate

Session Three – 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm – Participants must be able to Walk, Trot in a Group

Building exercises to build suppleness, roundness, and relaxation throughout your partnership

Building confidence between horse and rider for a harmonious partnership that enhances any discipline

Tempo – learning with music to feel Tempo

What does Forward mean

Impulsion vs. Speed

Collective Marks; understanding what these mean with my partnership with my horse

Getting your horse confident with the Garrocha pole, lariat rope, and other obstacles

How to use the Garrocha pole to build bend…

Building confidence with the lariat rope

$140.00- per member for both days

$170.00 – per non-member for both days

Auditors – Free for Members / $15 per day for non-members

Each session will limited to 12 riders

Day stalls available for $15 per day

In case of weather cancellations please check your email by 7:00 a.m. that morning. Changes will also be posted on our website home page.
Our cancellation policy can be found under FAQs on our website.
Bring your own water, food, and horse equipment

No dogs allowed inside arena