Where are the WD test and rules posted?



What is the cancellation policy for clinics?

Payment must be received within 5 days of registration or prior to the clinic, whichever is sooner, or the registration is automatically cancelled.

  • Cancellations made more than 14 days prior to a clinic will be allowed, however the payment price will be rolled over and used for another clinic.
  • Cancellations of 14 days or less before a clinic are non-refundable.
  • Weather Cancellations – The WDACO uses indoor arenas.   However, if the clinic is rescheduled the payment price will be rolled over to be used for another clinic. If it is not rescheduled, the payment price will be refunded. The safety of you and your horse is of the utmost importance.

ROLLOVER CLINIC FUNDS – Rollover funds must be used within (9) months of the cancelled clinic date, or the funds are forfeited. Rollover funds may be used for horseless and riding clinics. Rollover funds cannot be used for membership fees or Schooling shows.

Can I bring a stallion to a clinic?

Riders under the age of 18 years old may not bring a stallion to a clinic.

If I bring a guest, do they have to pay an auditor fee?

Our insurance requires a transaction in order to be in effect. Therefore, these are our guest policies:

If the riding participant is under 18, they must have an adult over 21 accompany them and the adult does not have to pay the auditor fee.

If the riding participant is over 18, they may designate one person to serve as their helper, at no charge, during the clinic. Helpers must be designated on the enrollment form for insurance purposes. If the helper changes, participants must send an email to clinics@wdaco.org, so that we may change the information on our insurance forms.

All other guests accompanying participants, other than members, must pay the auditor fee, or if desired, complete a form and pay for a membership prior to the clinic.  Members may attend WDACO clinics (non-riders), excluding Horseless Clinics & Special Events, for free.

 What are some of the benefits of becoming a WDACO member?

  • Educational Tools & Resources
  • Free Audits to WDACO Clinics – Excludes Horseless Clinic & Special Events
  • Discounts on training clinics
  • Discounts with personal trainers
  • Training Tips
  • WDAA Test
  • Specialized News Blogs
  • Free Classified Ads
  • The Social Corral – networking and communication group.
  • $50 WDAA / WDACO Membership
  • What is Western Dressage?

Western Dressage is an equine discipline that uses classical dressage and movements to train and enhance the traditional western stock horse. The Western Dressage Association® of Colorado (WDACO) offers educational opportunities to inspire and enlighten western riders and their horses to a higher level of horsemanship and partnership through the use of dressage.  Whether your horse competes in reining, roping, cutting, western pleasure, or enjoys the trail with you, dressage movements will improve the partnership with your horse.

How can it help me and my horse?

  • The Western Dressage horse becomes more supple and flexible as it move up the training levels working more off its hindquarters allowing for increased lightness of the forehand and encouraging a natural head carriage.
  • Dressage itself will help greatly to maintain the soundness of the horse for many years.

What are some of the differences between Western Dressage and Classical Dressage?

  • Western Tack
  • Description of gaits virtually the same
  • Riders position somewhat different due to Western Saddle
  • Hands somewhat different because of bit
  • Horse is working on and accepting the bit

Can you tell me something about the Western Dressage Competitive Divisions?

  • In keeping with the Western Tradition the “western” allows the “dressage” to have a much lighter contact, not always seen in competition dressage.
  • These classes will also offer a place where the western rider can compete on a scoring system that allows them to move “up” at their own level. It is not just a competitive format but an educational one as well.
  • The Western Dressage classes also give a mature western horse (5 and over) a place to be re-schooled with the use of a snaffle. It is also a place that a sour rail horse can still be good competition horse.
  • It is a very good entry level for individuals who wish to learn to ride and show and riders returning to competition. Plus it educates!!!
  • It is not the goal of the Western Dressage classes to use Dressage Horses under western tack. It is the goal of the Western Dressage to maintain the integrity and lightness of the western horse and western traditions through the use of dressage.  This is very important.  A western horse moves different, Western Dressage can just help it move “better”.
  • Dressage is not about the outfit or the tack …..it is about the horse (face it, we are all riding the same animal) and if the western public wants to participate lets give them the opportunity. The rider wins, the horse wins and the show industry wins as well.