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WDAA & WDACO Membership Registration

Combined WDAA WDACO Membership - 50.00 USD starts January 1st through December 31st
Combined Western Dressage Association® of Colorado and WDAA National membership subscription. All WDACO/WDAA memberships will begin, end and be renewed on the same universal date. Membership will follow the calendar year with a start date of Jan 1st and end date of Dec 31st.

The WDACO/WDAA highly values our members and wants to ensure that they are able to access the full scope of their benefits for the time frame which they have joined the organization.
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In making this application, I declare that I will be a current WDACO & WDAA member, and I hereby subject myself to, and agree to be bound by, all the provisions of the Rules and Regulations of the Western Dressage Association® of Colorado as they now exist or may periodically be amended, knowledge of which I now have or will immediately acquire. I understand that I must be a WDAA member in order to be a WDACO member.

By clicking I agree to the Terms and Conditions relating to a membership in WDACO & WDAA and affirm the truth of all statements above.
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